Mixed Spices For Coffee - Hawaij

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Ingredients: Hawaij, Ginger, Cinnamon, Cloves, Cardamom

Kosher, Non-GMO, Gluten amount less than 20 PPM

The word hawaij (also spelled hawayij, hawayej, or hawaj) is pronounced “huh-why-adge” and it means “mixture” in Arabic. Two different versions of hawaij are staples in Yemenite Jews in Israel. There is a savory hawaij for soups and stews and a second, more aromatic one for coffee and desserts.

Why Should You Add Hawaij to Your Coffee? The most obvious reason to add hawaij to your coffee is flavor: cardamom provides warmth and depth (you’ll recognize the taste from the last masala chai you drank). There may also be some health benefits. Cardamom and ginger can help with digestive issues — so your stomach will be chill even if your brain is still alphabetizing all of your pre-work anxieties — and cinnamon has been linked to a whole bevy of medicinal powers.
“Sweet” hawaij has a lot of potential beyond that—in baking, for instance. It’s a perfect match for pumpkin pies or apple pies. It would likewise be a killer addition to any baking recipe, really, that would benefit from a little spice.